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Strength for the Journey

Strength for the Journey

Dates: August 18 - August 21, 2016
Location: Suttle Lake Camp

Ages: Adults
Fee: Suggested registration fee is $50 minimum
Status: Registration begins Spring 2016


Strength for the Journey
Dates:  August 20-23, 2015 (Thursday - Sunday)

NOTE: If you are planning to take the bus, meet at Portland First United Methodist Church parking lot (corner of 18th & Clay) This is next to Goose Hollow Max station. The bus will leave at 10am on Thursday, August 20.
There will be coffee and snacks available to pack for the trip. The bus will make one rest area stop half way to camp.

A four-day clean and sober retreat opportunity for persons living with HIV /AIDS. Surrounded by the beauty of Suttle Lake, and supported by a loving and accepting community, participants will be invited to reflect, to rest, and to gain Strength for the Journey.

Strength For The Journey Retreat is open to any person with an HIV/AIDS diagnosis.

The space to be with myself and the lack of pressure to participate if I didn’t want
The wonderful people No judgments made
Freedom of thought without prejudice The openness, honesty, friendship and love
The variety of activities allowed people to get to know one another quickly
The love, caring and acceptance that was ever present in the staff
The unity, food, activities, crafts and swimming