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Great Hymns of the Faith - Christmas Edition!

Posted by eric 1 week, 3 days ago

It looks like this Christmas tradition is here to stay! This special edition of Great Hymns of the Faith includes traditional Christmas carols as well as some Advent hymns and perhaps even a new carol or two! Learn the stories behind the songs and enjoy singing with an enthusiastic group of carollers in the beautiful Collins Chapel setting.

Visit the event page for more information!

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Brian McLaren on the Importance of Camping

Posted by eric 5 months ago

During the Saturday Session with Brian McLaren at the 2014 Oregon-Idaho Annual Conference, Rev. Kevin Witt, the United Methodist Camp and Retreat Ministry Executive for the General Board of Discipleship, asked him to elaborate on his comments about church camp.

Click the image below to see video of McLaren's Response:

McLaren Camping Video

(c) Brian McLaren and the Oregon-Idaho Annual Conference of The United Methodist Church.

Permission is granted for personal use and non-profit sharing in churches and church-related organizations.

Time to Grow: A Retrospective

Posted by eric 5 months ago

At this year's United Methodist Oregon-Idaho Annual Conference session we celebrated the culmination of the Time to Grow capital campaign.  Here’s a recap on the progress made in this campaign and the remaining projects that will remain after the public face of the campaign has ended.


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