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Giving to Camp Just Got Easier!

Posted by Administrator 1 month, 2 weeks ago

We are in the thick of the summer camp season, and we have been blessed to hear stories of rejuvenation and exploration. One camp mother exclaimed about her daughter’s Wallowa Lake experience:

Wallowa Lake Horse Campers

“I have been a part of camp for several years: I’ve even led camps before. Far and away, I have been most impressed with all of the leaders, from start to finish, during her time at Horse Camp. She can’t wait to go back”

Donors like you make this experience possible through our Joy scholarship fund.

Camp and Retreat Ministries is pleased to announce that we have upgraded the process for making online gifts to camp. If you want to become a sustaining donor or make a one-time contribution to any one of the camp locations, Creation Vacation, Strength for the Journey, or the Joy Scholarship Fund, please find the information at this site:

If you are already an online sustaining donor, your gift will be transferred over automatically. Please contact Eric Conklin for more information on making contributions to Camp and Retreat Ministries.

Remember: You put the GO in GoCamping!


Reconciliation at Wallowa Lake: by Peggy Lovegren

Posted by Administrator 1 month, 4 weeks ago

What a magical week in summer 2015! Twelve young people arrived at camp full of anticipation and energy, to live together in community and experience God’s love.  They came with hurts and worries, joys and happinesses.  They arrived with sleeping bags and overnight sacks to live in nature and fellowship with other young people.  They took a risk, not knowing who would be there or what to expect.  They came from very different lives and places. They took a chance….because they are kids, with fresh, open minds, eager to experience the world!

As in all our camps, amazing counselors were in place to guide these young people through the week.  They also were from a variety of cultures and experiences.

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What Keeps Calling Me Back to Camp?

Posted by Administrator 2 months, 3 weeks ago

by Rev. Jim Parkhurst, Executive Director

My life was changed forever as a junior high camper at Aldersgate Camp in eastern Kentucky. Sunday school, VBS and youth group had all been like wild John the Baptist: preparing the way for me. It was the camp experience – the place and people - that brought it all together to create a life changing encounter with the living Christ. Working and volunteering at Aldersgate through my college years gave me my first role models to pursue this unique call into camp and retreat ministry.

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