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Camp and Retreat Ministries’ Raison d’être

Posted by Administrator 2 weeks, 5 days ago

The following is Eric Conklin's reflection based on having listened to the audio version of the book, Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to take Action by Simon Sinek.

I am reminded today that, regardless of my tasks, I have to get in touch with WHY I do what I do. You might say, “Love God and Love Others,” which is a plain and simple mission statement. It is, after all, what Jesus was getting at with his scripture lesson on the greatest commandments (Matthew:22-37-40). As beautiful as the statement is, it’s still a somewhat tangible action statement describing what I DO.

But, like my unrelenting four year old son, we are still left wondering: WHY? (By the way, the answer “Because I said so” is not an inspired response!)

Ultimately, when we encounter our “Raison d’être”, we are left speechless - and no mission statement (what we do) or vision statement (what we see in the future as a result of what we do) will suffice to pinpoint it, although they both should have their foundation in the “Why”. For me, when at camp, there is a deep and impossible-to-describe-with-words connection that I feel to the Spirit and to others that draws me to deeper relationship with both. When I experience it, then I am moved toward the action of Love and the variety of ways it gets manifested. At camp a long time ago, I discovered my reason for existence, and it hasn’t changed.

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Retreating as a Church (and Family) to Huckleberry Family Camp

Posted by eric 5 months ago

In the other quarter time of my work life, I am appointed as young person's minister at Parkrose United Methodist Church.

Parkrose UMC hadn’t been to camp for 5 years, which is when the church had been to Wallowa Lake for a weekend retreat. Pastor Bill and I were determined to get our congregation to camp this year in one form or another, and we decided that a programmed family camp was the best option. I had learned that Huckleberry Family Camp was a ministry begun by the Wilshire Native American Fellowship, a church in our same quadrant of the city, designed not just to be a ministry for Native Americans, but to also be an open door to relationship with Native Americans. In addition to finding time outdoors, Parkrose UMC is also seeking to be in deeper relationship with our neighbors, with people of color, and seeking justice with the marginalized, so Huckleberry Family Camp was an obvious choice.

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Giving to Camp Just Got Easier!

Posted by Administrator 7 months ago

We are in the thick of the summer camp season, and we have been blessed to hear stories of rejuvenation and exploration. One camp mother exclaimed about her daughter’s Wallowa Lake experience:

Wallowa Lake Horse Campers

“I have been a part of camp for several years: I’ve even led camps before. Far and away, I have been most impressed with all of the leaders, from start to finish, during her time at Horse Camp. She can’t wait to go back”

Donors like you make this experience possible through our Joy scholarship fund.

Camp and Retreat Ministries is pleased to announce that we have upgraded the process for making online gifts to camp. If you want to become a sustaining donor or make a one-time contribution to any one of the camp locations, Creation Vacation, Strength for the Journey, or the Joy Scholarship Fund, please find the information at this site:

If you are already an online sustaining donor, your gift will be transferred over automatically. Please contact Eric Conklin for more information on making contributions to Camp and Retreat Ministries.

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